Violet Liqueur Recipe

Violet Liqueur Recipe


Spring is for Violets!

Once upon a time Crème de Violette was a scarce ingredient. Thanks to the cocktail revival of the early 2000’s many obscure cocktails were resurrected. One such cocktail was the aviation.

Though the aviations’ time in the sun has came and went and with brands such as Rothman & Winter and The Bitter Truth making violet liqueurs accessible, there doesn’t really seem to be a need to craft this liqueur at home anymore. But hey, it’s me, and we all know I love to tinker, Not to mention this liqueur fits neatly into my philosophy of “Can I make this and make it well?”


As Local As Possible

Every spring as the earth comes back to life my imagination goes buckwild with alcohol ideas. I try to learn about and use a new plant or fruit every year. This year I started with violets.

Back in April I was in southern Illinois visiting family for Easter. While my younger family members were looking for eggs, I was eyeballing the fields of violets as far as I could see. After picking violets over my three day weekend I had more violets than I knew what to do with.

Giving it that color

Herbal liqueurs more often than not fall on a hue of yellow to brown to black naturally, while liqueurs that are another color have often gone out of their way to achieve that color.

I wanted to be able to make aviations with my liqueur and damn it I wanted it to look like an aviation! to achieve this I opted to use butterfly pea flowers. These flowers contain anthocyanins, which are often used as a food coloring as well as pH indicators, turning more red in the presence of acids and blue in the presence of bases. I didn’t really want to pick up much flavor from the pea flowers (I’m not particularly a fan.) so I blended then into the finished liqueur before running it through my plate filter.

Although an aviation made with my liqueur isn’t a perfect clone visually of one made with something like Rothman & Winter, I am incredibly happy with how this has turned out.

Violet Liqueur Recipe

Recipe Specifics
Maceration Weight: 700 g
Ingredient Weight: 60.5 g
Sweetness: High
Bitterness: Low
Maceration Time: 7 Days
AWS Ratio: 20/43/37

Maceration Alcohol


2 g Bitter Orange Peel
3 g Sweet Orange Peel

Bittering Ingredients
4 g Wild Cherry Bark

Flavoring Ingredients
50 g Violets
.5 g Rose Buds
.5 g Ceylon Cinnamon
.5 g Chamomile

Coloring Ingredients
~3 g Butterfly Pea Flowers (I just kind of grabbed a pinch of them, sorry.)

With this recipe the liqueur had a vegetal flavor reminiscent of spinach. this flavor has faded over a months time and is now very pleasant.

1. Macerate ingredients in 50% ABV GNS for 7 days
2. Strain
3. Blend at a ratio of 20% Alcohol, 43% Water and 37% Sugar. (by weight)
as well as butterfly pea flowers for color
3. Filter to remove any plant matter that could further throw off flavors
4. wait at least one month before enjoyment.
5. Enjoy!

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