Open Source Base Amaro Recipe

Open Source Base Amaro Recipe

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Base Amaro Recipe

Here is a base recipe for amaro tinkering. With this recipe I stripped the ingredients down to the bare necessities and simplified the quantities to nice, round numbers.

This recipe is intentionally middle of the road in pretty much every way. Not too bitter, not too sweet, with just enough citrus, menthol and herbal character to be interesting.

I heavily encourage you to use this recipe as a branching off point. Play with the proportions, add some new ingredients, and make that amaro your own!

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For this recipe I macerated my herbs and spices for a week in 700g of GNS at 50% ABV for a week.

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I wanted moderate alcohol strength with moderate sweetness levels and I have found 30% Alcohol / 50% Water / 20% Sugar by weight is a pretty good balance.

Be sure to re-weigh your alcohol infusion post-maceration for accuracy purposes.

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And that’s pretty much it! Be sure to filter with coffee filters (or your new Buon Vino Mini Jet) and enjoy!

Open Source Base Amaro

Recipe Specifics
Batch Size: 700 g
Ingredient Weight: 23.85 g
Sweetness: Moderate
Bitterness: Moderate
Maceration Time: 7 Days
AWS Ratio: 30/50/20

Maceration Alcohol


3 g Bitter Orange Peel
3 g Grapefruit Peel

Bittering Ingredients
10 g Rhubarb Root
6 g Gentian Root

Flavoring Ingredients
.5 g Hyssop
.25 g Spearmint
.25 g Cinnamon (Ceylon)
.25 g Rosemary
.15 g Myrrh
.15 g Cardamom (seeds only)
.15 g Clove
.15 g Sage

1. Macerate ingredients in 50% ABV GNS for 7 days
2. Strain
3. Blend at a ratio of 30% Alcohol, 50% Water and 20% Sugar.
4. Filter
5. Enjoy!

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Choosing Amaro Ingredients

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