Mirepoix Liqueur Recipe

Mirepoix Liqueur Recipe


Savory Spirits

The world of cocktails is saturated with drinks that are sweet and sour. But our options for savory cocktails are frustratingly barren.

When making your own ingredients the sky is the limit! as long as it taste good to you, nobody can tell you you’re wrong.

For this recipe I kind of went on the deep end and wanted to try something a little wacky. I’ve been on a huge soup kick lately so I find myself making a lot of mirepoix at my house. Starting this liqueur was as easy as me having the inspiration, and then opening my fridge to gather my ingredients.


Cooking wine sucks!
Cooking liqueur is awesome!

For this recipe I went really simple with my ingredients. Just 2:2:1 Onion, Carrot, and Celery with my standard of 50% ABV spirit and 700 G of base spirit.

For my final blend I blended it at a ratio similar to dry vermouth. I’ve made a few martinis with this liqueur. It’s kind of like drinking a super Gibson.

It home I often deglaze my pan with some wine or whatever spirits are available. Having something on hand exactly for this purpose is a lot of fun and impressive for dinner parties.

This final result of this recipe is honestly way better than it has any right to be. I’ll always have some of this on hand at my house.

Mirepoix Liqueur Recipe

Recipe Specifics
Maceration Weight: 700 g
Ingredient Weight: 250 g
Sweetness: Low
Bitterness: Low
Maceration Time: 7 Days
AWS Ratio: 20/76/4

Maceration Alcohol

Flavoring Ingredients
100 G White Onion
100 G Carrot
50 G Celery

With this recipe the liqueur had a huge onion character after maceration (as expected). After the final blend has had about a month of time to meld and settle down, it is a wonderful sipper or cocktail addition.

1. Macerate ingredients in 50% ABV GNS for 7 days
2. Strain
3. Blend at a ratio of 20% Alcohol, 76% Water and 4% Sugar. (by weight)
3. Filter to remove any particulate that could further throw off flavors
4. wait at least one month before enjoyment.
5. Cook dinner/ Make Gibsons!

Blending Liqueurs and Refining Recipes

Blending Liqueurs and Refining Recipes